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riser and tread overhang ? - Forum - Bob Vila

riser and tread overhang ? Tags: Deck Stair Overhang As we discussed on the for'em I mis-read your Salvaged boards in varying widths and colors make up the dramatic accent wall in this

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Wood Decking - myCarpentry

Wood Decking - This page shows you how to lay decking, best decking material, and the decking materials used on the myCarpentry 10 x 10 deck example. it is time to trim off the extra overhang on the deck boards. To do this, (of 7) - Building Stairs. Leave Wood Decking and return to Carpentry Projects Leave Wood Decking and Return Home

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Cutting Basic Stairs Professional Deck Builder

There will need to be some support at the deck for the stair jacks to attach to — they will be too low to simply attach them to the outer joist. This board will be the same size as the width of the stairs. Once that’s done, I install the treads, which are sized to overhang the fascia 1 inch on each side. Deck stairs are often not

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How to Build a Deck: Wood Stairs and Stair Railings - Lowe's

How to Build a Deck: Wood Stairs and Stair Railings. Cut a board (for this deck a 2 x 8) the width of the steps to support the stringers below the rim or end joist. The treads should overhang the toe kicks by about an inch. Drill pilot holes at the ends and attach them to the stringers with screws. Installing the Stair Railings.

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Replacing steps: overhang sides or cut flush? - AnandTech

Replacing steps: overhang sides or cut flush? Discussion in 'OT Discussion Club' started by deck board is available in 6' in my area (or maybe you're using 2-by-x which generally isn't). If I had an overhang on the stair treads I could have tucked the vertical sides up under that and it would have gave it a more finished look as well as

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Building Deck Stairs - Renovation Experts

Then attach the two decking boards to the stringers for each step with decking screws. Butt the two 2"x6"s together to create the 11" tread depth with the 1" overhang. Get Profession Help from Skilled Deck Contractors!

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framing - Composite deck stair overhang vs. flush - Home

Composite deck stair overhang vs. flush. up vote 2 down vote favorite. I am installing composite decking stair and I found there are two ways to do it: I tend to go with the second one for the fact that I have a bunch of groove decking boards. I don't want to show the groove at the edges so having fascia boards to cover is nice. Of course

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All Hands On Deck - CBS News

All Hands On Deck. Deck wood paint brush Warren notched a nailer to the board. He explained the nailer will provide support for the inside edge of the picture frame. "I love the stair

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Building and Installing Deck Stairs Professional Deck

Building and Installing Deck Stairs (Stairs with open risers are exempt from the overhang requirement.) This conveniently works out when the tread cut is the code-minimum 10 inches, and the tread is a dry 2x12 or a pair of 5 1/2-inch decking boards. Using either material results in an overhang of 1 1/4 inches.

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